OPSORO | more than just a robot.
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than just
a robot.

Enables your creativity and
connects with the online community through apps.

Build your own social robot-friend with our open platform and
see where your imaginations brings you!


Build your personalized robot with friends and family and let your fantasy run wild.


Let your social apps communicate through movements of your robot so he can let you know whenever you have a Facebook like or Whatsapp Message.


Get to know everything about technologies in a playful way. It is the perfect mix between education and fun.


Now it’s time to master the possibilities, make new skins, let him do new things or just start again from scratch. It’s up to you!

Meet the gang.

Make a skin yourself out of cardboard or let your grandmother knit one for you.
The number of skins and characters for your robot are endless. Don’t forget to share your creations with us!


3 packs to fill your needs.

starter kit

  • Plug and Play social robot kit
  • Heart, 2 eyes, 4 turn, speaker, mic and grid
  • Free starter-kit skin
  • Free access to online platform

expansion pack

  • Upgrade your Starter Kit
  • Camera, 2 led-matrices, motion sensor,touch sensor and 2 servos
  • Free expansion skin

opsoro hat

  • Build own robot from scratch
  • Made for Raspberry Pi
  • Control up to 16 servos
  • Includes speaker amplifier
  • Free access to online platform